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Name: Peter Xenakis/Owner
Age: 52
Years riding : 38
Years on track : 9, 2 of which were racing in WERA.
From : Clinton Township, MI, now reside in Vance, AL.

I enjoy bringing new street riders to the track to show them the safest way to go fast on a motorcycle.

Pete Xenakis
X-ACT Motorsports, Inc

Name : Anna Xenakis – Administrator/Co-owner
Been with Pete, well it seems like forever…..
Many know me as “Boss” at the track, Anna works fine for me.  I enjoy meeting old and new faces at registration and also enjoy the “family” environment we have at the track.  I have learned over the years working events with Pete, being in control and letting riders know that we want everyone to be safe on the track is our #1 goal!  I have seen the good, bad and ugly at the track, this has helped me improve our track day experience.
Come out and ride with us, I enjoy meeting new riders as well as seeing our many regular riders at our events!

Name: Lee Fields

I've been riding forever and race in WERA as an Expert as number 82 for around 10 years doing regional and national sprints and endurance racing. Mostly now I race a few times a year and help Ed with the Ed Bargy Race School. I also help Pete out with the X-ACT track days as a control rider. I ride and race an 2006 R6 and recently bought a 2011 S1000RR. I also trail ride a KTM450EXC in the dirt. I occasionally ride the street, but not so much now.

Hope to see you guys and gals out twisting a throttle!

Name: Kurt Kesler
Years riding: 27
Years on track: 9, have raced with WERA for 7 years.

Live in Winder Georgia.
Long time motorcyclist who enjoys helping people learn how to ride on the track.  Lightweight bikes are where it’s at.

Name: Dave Detlefsen
Years on Track: 13

Been hooked on motorcycles for a long time now.  Started in the dirt as a kid and then toured all over the United States in the years after college...rode in every state except AK and HI. A move to Arkansas and it's great twisties lead to sportbikes and soon enough to the race track.  Endurance raced in the CMRA until a get off almost ended all motorcycling. Even after a serious back injury, I couldn't stay away from the race track and rebuilt my RC51 in the two weeks following my crash so I could get it to Barber for a friend to ride. And in October, just 6 months after surgery, got back to Barber for my first post crash trackday.  It took a long time to learn to go "fast" (note the quotation marks!) again and continue to learn every time out.

This is my second year with X-Act. I'm on a Triumph 675 named Squash and I look forward to meeting and riding with you on the track!

Name: Stephen Laffoon
Years riding: 10
Years racing: 8th season

 I've been a long time motorsports enthusiast and am a 4th generation rider.  Before my 18th birthday, I had competed in SCCA autocross, attended Skip Barber Driving School, and lapped the Nuerburgring.  In college, I was heavily involved with the Formula SAE team at Georgia Tech, both building and driving.  Any automotive interest took a back-seat when I bought my first bike in the spring of 2003.  By the fall of 2004, I did my first trackday at little Talladega.  I started racing with WERA in 2006, and turned expert after the 2007 season.   Since then, I have raced a number of bikes, mostly in the lightweight twins, D, and Clubman classes.  This season I'll be competing in the WERA endurance series.  At trackdays, you will normally find me riding an R6 or SV650, although I enjoy everything from training on an XR100 to riding the latest 1000cc bikes.  

Name: Mike “Sixx” Daniels

Years riding : 25
Years on track : 13, 4 of which were racing in WERA.

Racing Highlights: 

 Achieved two Novice WERA Sprint Championships (B Superbike & C Superstock) during first race season in 2005.

 Finished 2nd in class for the Season in the 2006 WERA National Endurance Series riding on the Wizard Racing 600 Team.
 Hometown: Lakeland, FL, now reside in White, GA for the past 14 years.

 I enjoy being an instructor and sharing my love of riding with both riders who are new to the track and those who are looking to  improve their skills.

Name: Reggie Atkins

Start out as a Motorcycle safety Instructor, been riding since I was 16 dirt bike and mopeds in Germany and Korea.
Started racing WERA in 2006 (Todd Clark was my instructor) I’m and Expert racer bike 725.  
I’m also on the Ed Bargy Race School staff. I love helping Pete and Anna and all the patrons of the X-ACT
trackdays because this where the true love of the sport lays! You simply ride for the joy of riding and I
want to make each and every track day better than your last! They call me Sarge due to the 23 years I
was in the Army so if you see me on the blue and orange GSXR 600, say hi in the pits.

 Just go fast Ricky bobby !!!!

Name: Tim Vosnick

 I am a current expert racer with WERA racing a 2007 GSXR 1000.  I have won numerous regional championships,
raced in the WERA National Endurance series and raced against the best riders in the country. 
I have been riding/racing since 1999 and every time I am on the track I learn something new
 and that’s what I want to teach to others riding with X-ACT. I have been with 
X-ACT for 3 years now and I feel the atmosphere at the track is second to none. 
I am #52 and please come by for some pointers or some one on one instruction.

See you at the track!