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X-ACT Motorsports, Inc Rules & Guidelines

Release and Waiver of Responsibility
All riders/event participants will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Responsibility.  X-ACT Motorsports Inc. and it’s affiliates will not be held responsible and/or liable for the risks associated with this sport.

In the event of a Crash.

In the event of a crash, rider and bike must both be evaluated and the bike itself must be re-tech inspected.  X-ACT Motorsports, Inc. reserves the right to refuse a crashed rider back on track if paramedic and or any medical staff determines the crashed rider is not physically cleared to ride.  Again, rider, gear and bike must be evaluated before a crashed rider may return to the track.  Each crash is taken on a case by case basis and will be evaluated as such.  Crashing unfortunately goes with the territory and no refunds will be given due to crashes.

Note: Except for beginners/first time track day riders, all riders are subject to evaluation by X-ACT Motorsports staff.  Riders may be moved between groups up or down based on evaluation.  This is for both the particular rider and the other riders safety in any given group.

Novice Group: Those who have never ridden a motorcycle on a race track before are required to start in the novice group.  Full class room instruction will be provided to those that are first timers to the track.  All novice riders are required to attend the first classroom session so that there is a clear understanding of how the novice group will be run and that safety comes first!  All basic track rules and guidelines will be reviewed along with flags and proper pitting in and off the track.  Back protectors are encouraged but not required.

Intermediate Group: Those who have a good basic understanding of track days and a few track days under their belt fall into this category.  This group is required to wear back protectors.  There will be control riders monitoring this group in all track sessions.  This group has the widest range of skill levels amongst the riders.  Many have just graduated from novice where others are on the border line of moving up to advanced.  Riders will be allowed to pass in turns with clean safe passing allowing generous space for each rider while passing (4-6’) Please refer to the note listed above. Back protectors are required in this group.

Advanced Group: This group is for the accomplished track day rider and/or club racer.  Back protectors must be worn by all riders in the advanced group.  All riders will be expected to respect each others space in this group and pass safely.  Stuffing will not be tolerated (passing closely on the inside of another rider entering a turn), especially if it creates a safety hazard to other riders!  Please refer to the note listed above.

X-ACT Motorsports trusts that riders will sign up in the proper group.  All basic group rules/guidelines will be reviewed at the mandatory riders meeting at the start of each event day.  All riders will be expected to abide by the basic rules laid out in the riders meeting.  Failure to follow the rules could and may lead to ejection from the event with no refund.

Tech policies for bikes
Riding gear requirements:

Cancellation and refund policy: